Honey & Knives - House Concerts

Imagine having Honey and Knives playing exclusively to your friends, family and neighbours, in your own home, backyard or shed!


We are happy to talk with you about performing at your House Concert.  Below is an explanation of how House Concerts are organised by using www.HouseConcertsAustralia.com.au


Have a read through and if you think having Honey and Knives perform at your House Concert would be a whole lot of fun please give us a call on 0411 298 202 or drop us a line at honeyandknives@gmail.com 


House Concerts are one of the most important trends in independent music today - and they're popping up all over the world!


A house concert is a chance to experience music in a warm and intimate environment. It's when someone opens up their home and invites you into their living room to share in a performance by one of their favorite musicians. There's just something about house concerts. For musicians, the intimacy allows for a deeper connection to the audience.  it's a chance to meet the performers and get them to sign their CD. A house concert is also a great social evening of friends and neighbors.



HOSTS - Want to host a House Concert?
It's simple; you just invite 15 (or more) friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, and anyone else you feel may enjoy the show, to a concert at your home. (An ideal audience size would be 20 to 30)

Round up all your chairs or cushions if you prefer and arrange them in a comfortable and relaxed style. Remember, this is an intimate mode, 


Who pays the Band?

Many house concerts have a door person to collect fees, some hosts are uncomfortable charging their friends, especially for a first concert, until they understand the process. If this is the case, then simply place a jar by the entrance with a visible sign that says:


SUGGESTED DONATION  $20 each/kids free


House concerts are a great way to expose your friends to new music as well as your favourite artists. There is a world of amazing artists that you might never get to hear otherwise. A mention of the donation concept during the welcome and introduction of the concert can serve as a reminder. This combination of tactics assures that everyone contributes to the 'jar' while keeping the host out of the money collecting responsibility. There is little or no cost to you, unlike throwing a party. A pot of coffee and some munchies is sufficient, although some hosts ask guests to bring goodies, food and drink.etc.


How long do artists play?

Artists normally play a 45 minute listening set (house concerts are not parties; people really sit and listen - up close and personal) and then take a 15-20 minute break for socializing, selling CDs and refreshments. Then, one more 45 minute set and that's a wrap.


What's in it for me?

A house concert is a unique and magical experience. Everyone walks away happy and it's a win/win situation. Your guests are thrilled to be part of a special event and you look great for being innovative and unique and bringing everyone together for such an exciting new experience. There is no economic benefit for doing this, it's simply for the love of the music.